Professional selfie by me

Catching On Thieves is a multimedia artist who creates to both understand what is to be & to stay alive. She writes of spies & prophets, Y2K conspiracies & the relationship between abstraction, perception & interoception, using her body as a question mark meant to disturb our assumptions about what we say we know about what we are. Titles of her recent works include, Piano Lessons, "Memory, Vein," A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Terrorist, Mulata She-male Gets it From All Sides, & Not One & Simple, or, What Would James Baldwin Do? She was resident at the Queer Materials Lab, Translab, The Performance Intensive, PAPA, PAAFF, & the upcoming Session 9 of the Raw Materials Academie hosted at the ICA in Spring 2022. She is founding a church devoted to the worship & study of art called The Church of the Quarter-Closed Eyes.

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